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At Ladybridge HR Consultancy we can provide any type of HR Training in Stockport, Manchester and across the North West. We just need you to advise of what training you would like, your preferred method of delivery and when you would like it to take place. We then tailor your HR Training services to your specific needs. 

The Benefits of HR Training for your Business

Do you have the time or the knowledge to train your employees in policies such as Equal Opportunities? Dignity at work? Anti-Bullying and Harassment?

The time and cost implications to make sure adequate provisions are in place are always a consideration – but by not having the time or knowledge, you could be risking hefty fines, hefty enough to potentially cripple your business.

HR Training Can Protect Your Business

In order to protect your business against tribunal claims, it is vital for your employees to be shown and understand and document that they understand.

Two fundamental points that will generally be explored in cross-examination in discrimination cases are:-

  1. whether there was an equal opportunities policy in place and the extent to which the content was well known to the employees;
  2. the extent to which managers and employees were given training in respect of the content of the policy.

Very often employers will be able to point to a policy document but employers frequently struggle to demonstrate that adequate training was given in terms of that policy. This can result in claims being lost and significant awards being made against employers.

Taking The Necessary Steps

It is essential that employers take the necessary steps, including the provision of appropriate training for employees and managers, to ensure that they do all that they can to reduce the risks of instances of discrimination arising and of a successful claim being made.

HR Training in Stockport, Manchester, Warrington

HR Training Available

As already mentioned, we are happy to provide training for any aspects of HR.

Employee Induction Training can also be provided and understanding can assessed and this can be as basic or as in depth as you wish.

We provide HR Training in Stockport, Manchester & Warrington. It can be provided on site or through guides and employee declaration forms which can be issued for managers to roll out themselves.

If you are looking for cost-effective, tailored HR Training in Stockport, Manchester and the North West, we want to hear from you. Call now on 07553 362150 or; 

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