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As part of our extensive HR Services, we can provide an employment contract for you and also ensure that this has been written with the correct employment status such as whether someone is self-employed or actually a worker, as highlighted in the case below.

Find out more about our Contract of Employment advice & support, and why it’s so important for businesses to get this right.

The Importance Of The Right Employment Contracts

Once any offer of employment has been offered and then accepted, a legal arrangement has now been entered into which, in effect is a contract of employment, meaning some employment rights will begin as soon as the new employee starts work with you.

When making an offer, not all terms and conditions need to be included as you have 56 days to present this, from the day the first day employment commenced. However, please note that effective from April 2019, full terms and conditions will need to be presented on day 1 of employment commencing.

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CASE STUDY – Worker Wins Case To Be Deemed “Employed”.

A plumber has won a landmark legal case that is likely to have widespread implications for workers on self-employment contracts.

Gary Smith, who worked for London-based Pimlico Plumbers full-time for six years, took his case to the Supreme Court, over his entitlement to rights such as sick pay.

The five Supreme Court justices rejected an appeal by Pimlico Plumbers against a number of court rulings that determined he could claim “worker” status, even though he was described in his contract as a “self-employed operative”.

Announcing the decision in London, Lord Wilson said an employment tribunal was “entitled to conclude” the firm could not be viewed as Mr Smith’s “client or customer”.

The judge said:

“Although the contract did provide him with elements of operational and financial independence, Mr Smith’s services to the company’s customers were marketed through the company.

“More importantly, its terms enabled the company to exercise tight administrative control over him during his periods of work; to impose fierce conditions on when and how much it paid to him, which were described at one point as his wages; and to restrict his ability to compete with it for plumbing work following any termination of their relationship.

Having the right Employment Contracts in place can ensure your worker’s rights are protected, but also ensure you are safeguarded against legal action.

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