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Employing Young Workers or Providing Work Experience

When employing young workers – or providing work experience – it is essential you know the rules. Breaking the rules can lead to huge fines and possible legal implications.

Equality and Diversity in Recruitment

Equality and Diversity in Recruitment is often talked and written about – but are employers really walking the walk when it comes down to it in practise?

The Importance Of Employee Recognition Schemes

It is a known fact that when employees are happy and feel their contribution to the business is being valued, productivity increases. So why is employee recognition still scarce within some organisations?

How To Write a Great CV

How To Write a Great CV

We need to think of our CV as the most potentially lucrative and most important piece of marketing material we will ever create. Here we look at what makes and a “killer” CV as well as our tips on how to write a great CV.


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