Everything An Employer Needs To Know About Hiring An Apprentice

Have you ever considered hiring an Apprentice but not sure what that involves?
This paper will help answer some of your questions and provide you with a discount at the end of it!

The Benefits of Hiring An Apprentice

There are numerous benefits for hiring an apprentice – besides their lower hourly rate.

  • Apprentices are a great way for a business to address its skills shortages, particularly in the area of new digital skills and help in developing innovative new ideas within an organisation.
  • Apprentices allow businesses to train their managers for the future, moulding the apprentice to their individual business.
  • Apprentices can help improve productivity, especially when they are so cost-effective to recruit.

In addition to their lower hourly rate, some organisations may be able to benefit from an Apprentice Grant, subject to certain terms and conditions.

Benefits Of Hiring An Apprentice To The Economy

Not only are businesses gaining tremendous benefit but they are also helping reduce unemployment in their local area together with inspiring a new generation of business owners by sharing and developing entrepreneurial skills and experience.

“Apprenticeships are set to deliver over £100 billion to the U.K. economy by 2050” – Centre for Economics and Business Research

 According to Gov.UK, almost 90% of apprenticeships have delivered and employers have confirmed that with 75% of them, it has helped their business improve the quality of their product or service that they provide.

So where do you find out more?

The National Apprenticeships Service can provide you with all the information you need together with what schemes are available. They can also provide a list of training providers and advise on what financial support is available.

What about Compliance Measures?

Compliance Measures should not be an issue if your business already complies with the legal requirements required of running a small business in relation to Employment Law and Health & Safety. If this is the case, then the most likely action will be to ensure you have an updated risk assessment policy if you have not previously employed young people.

Ensuring The Placement Runs Smoothly

The Apprenticeship Training Provider will offer assistance to ensure any placement runs smoothly.

However, there are certain key points that all businesses need to ensure when taking on an Apprentice.

One of the key points is to ensure that in order to pay the apprentice the correct rate of £3.90 per hour (as at April 2019), a written contract must be drawn up and signed by both the apprentice and the business.

Without a contract, you will be required to pay the increased amount level with that of the minimum wage.

Requirements Of The Employer

Apprentices also need to be treated slightly different than employees not on an apprenticeship programme therefore it is crucial that the following is in place;

• An appropriate employee/colleague is nominated as a mentor for the apprentice
• A training programme is in place to ensure expectations are understood and achieved
• The contract outlines clear performance indicators/expectations

The above is crucial as if the apprentice was not performing for any reason, without the above, businesses will find themselves in a difficult situation if they then wish to dismiss on the basis of under-performance.

Here at Ladybridge HR Consultancy Limited, we can assist you with all of this. We can also offer you help with all contracts written for an apprentice to ensure they cover all legal requirements and obligations. Please feel free to either call 07553 362150 or email us if you are looking at hiring an apprentice.