Employment Tribunal Fees – The Small Business Assassins.

Can you imagine being ordered by a court to pay any of these costs?

A) £415,227.00  |  B) £124,979.00 | C) £242,130.00

What implications would this have on your business? More overly, what implications would this have you as a person and your well-being?

These figures were actually paid in costs by 3 businesses in 2018 who were taken to employment tribunals. The cases were in relation to;

A) Unfair Dismissal | B) Race Discrimination | C) Disability Discrimination

Frightening isn’t it?!

And yet, here’s the rub. These costs (and ensuing damage) could have been prevented by having the correct HR support in place.

How This Was Allowed To Happen?

Every business taken to an employment tribunal has one, some or all of the following traits;

“It won’t happen to us.”

“I work with my mates, they wouldn’t take me to court.”

“We can’t afford a HR person, or HR support”

“It’s political correctness gone mad”

“I didn’t realise XYZ was an issue!”

There is another reason. And it’s this. Employees have never been more aware of their rights. The internet gives them insight. Adverts for “no-win no fee” and reduced costs to take an employer on all makes it easier than ever.

The reality is that if you mix all these factors together it really is a timebomb of inevitability that someone, somewhere, will catch a business out.

What We Can Do To Help.

The first thing we can do is to help businesses prevent against having to pay employment tribunal fees in the first place. To do this, we provide various packages to suit all types and size of businesses and budgets.

These packages focus on making sure you have up-to-date HR policies and procedures, effective training and that you are developing a culture that fully embraces Equality and Diversity.

The other option is that we can offer indemnity insurance against these types of claims.

Either way, if you found yourself thinking any of the things we mentioned earlier about your business – and why it won’t happen to you – our advice is you need to act. And fast.

The businesses that were taken to tribunal were thinking the same as you. 

So whether you choose to speak to us, or someone else – the message from us is the same – don’t leave yourself open to ruin the business you have built by remaining seated on that timebomb!

If you would like to find out more about our packages to safeguard your business – or our indemnity policies, call us on 07553 362150  or email us using the contact form below. We will then contact you back to discuss how we could help protect your business.